Ionic Dry-Brushing

Have you ever heard the saying — you need to see something three times before it sticks? Well this is how I added dry brushing to my beauty routine.

Upgrade your dry brushing game with PRANA Energy Brush, made with bronze bristles that contain real copper and zinc.

PRANA ionic body brushes are made with extra-fine ion-charged copper bristles, which naturally create negative ions that protect your body from free radicals and have numerous other health benefits. In addition, the molecular composition of unique bristles encourages the direct and immediate absorption of negative ions into your skin, which increases the benefits of dry brushing, including the speed of detoxification.

First off – dry brushing is super easy. Even though some of them do — this brush requires no oil. The band on the back gives you a good grip making it super comfortable to hold. The brush doesn’t move around or slip off my hand.

I dry brush before I shower in the mornings. By having a shower afterward, you wash off the dirt that has been loosened up by brushing. Failing to shower after brushing may not improve your skin in any way as the dirt is still on your skin and capable of causing more problems, such as acne.

It takes me about 3-4 minutes to do my whole body (I skip my face, neck and décolleté). I use very gentle/smooth long strokes. I start at the soles of my feet and then work my way up my body. I stroke my dry brush in the direction of my heart. That means brushing upwards for parts of your body that are below your heart, such as your legs. For other parts like the armpits brush downwards, still towards the heart. The purpose of brushing towards the heart is to encourage the normal lymph flow within your body.

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