LED Light Facial…- benefits for the skin.


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED Light Therapy is a way to utilizing safe light to generate energy needed for the repair and regeneration of human cells. Without light there would be no human or animal life on Earth. Over 30 years ago NASA-sponsored research to develop LED light to generate photosynthesis to grow plants in space.

Even more importantly LED Light is used to maintain astronauts health: sustain normal cell growth, prevent bone and muscle loss, to boost body’s ability to heal wounds.  Cells exposed to certain infrared LED light grow and heal up to 200% faster that cells not stimulated by LEDs.LED lights are used in medical field to reduce pain, for wound healing, to heal Radiation-induced dermatitis, for brain and liver cancer, for diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, actinic keratosis and skin cancers.
Anti-aging benefits were discovered while treating skin cancer. It was noticed that the skin around the treated area got smoother and looked younger.  LED light therapy also is used for skin conditions like: acne, certain types of dermatitis, psoriasis.    Different LED light colors target specific skin conditions:

Blue Light-kills acne bacteria;

Amber Light-builds collagen and elastin;

Red Light-reduces inflammation and promotes circulation;

Infrared Light-accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, promotes circulation, and encourages greater product absorption. LED Lights are safe to use for everyone. They are non-invasive, provide benefits of sunlight without the damaging effects of UV rays. The results are cumulative. The longer you use, the better it gets. LED light cannot burn or anyhow else damage the skin. It can be used daily, anywhere from 3 to 45 minutes.

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