Sagging Eyelids

sagging Eyelids
Woman getting a facial massage

The skin on your eyes is the thinnest skin on the face. As we age, our skin produces less and less collagen – the protein which is responsible for keeping the skin tight and plump. Eyelids are thin and thus more prone to aging because there is no lipidic layer and very few collagen fibers.  So it is natural for them to start to lose elasticity and sag earlier than other parts of your face.

I believe that facial massage is the best way to non-invasively lift sagging eyelids. You can use Facial Roller Massager ( I recommend Cooling Metal Facial Roller Massager with Zinc Alloy ) and begin with stimulating the frame of the face, 1-2 inches into the hairline. Work your way to the frontalis (the largest muscle of the forehead). Then, start massaging along your brow by using a pinching and lifting motion. 5-7 minutes of massage a day will give you results. Consistency is key!

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