Ultrasound Cavitation Peel

Exfoliation is important in any skincare routine. It allows the other parts of your routine to become more effective. Unlike harsher physical exfoliators that can cause micro-tears on the skin, Ultrasound Cavitation/Water Peel is considered the most gentle method of mechanical exfoliation and can be used on almost anyone. It is a great hydrating treatment and exfoliant for dehydrated skin, and is …

What FINGERNAILS say about your HEALTH…?

the scoop… GROOVES:: Fine grooves running horizontal on your fingernails may reveal that you suffered a serious illness a few months earlier. Illness often slows nail growth and produces ridges in the nail root. The ridges grow out with time.

LED Light Facial…- benefits for the skin.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED Light Therapy is a way to utilizing safe light to generate energy needed for the repair and regeneration of human cells. Without light there would be no human or animal life on Earth. Over 30 years ago NASA-sponsored research to develop LED light to generate photosynthesis to grow plants in space.